3. Anchoring Technology

-EJOT's and LIEBIG anchoring technology provides a genuinely high performance solution for the most demanding applications and base materials. 

-Supported by our global knowledge-pool of fastening expertise, we provide support to your team with the right products and procedures for a secure and successful installation.

Montagegeräte und Werkzeuge

Accessories and Installation Tools

Be it plastic, timber or aluminium windows - EJOT offers a wide range of fastening technology solutions for window manufacturing.

Anchors and anchoring technology

Colorfast Nylon Head

WDVS Anbauteile

ETICS mounting elements

Fastening solutions for mounted products

If the exterior appearances play a significant role, then you are on the safe side when using the EJOT mounting elements for the attachment. As the outer shell of the building does not only carry the thermal insulation but also light to heavy mounted parts, it requires a resistant fastening concept. With our new range of products, EJOT offers high quality products and the right solution for all construction and static requirements.


Flat Roofing Fasteners

Insulation support anchors / Washers

Powder Coated Fasteners


Scaffolding Anchors


Self-Drilling Fasteners


Self-Tapping Fasteners


Self-Tapping Masonry Screws

WDVS Zubehör



Using the EJOT precision tools, you save time and money when installing anchors. The entire range of products makes it easier when mounting insulation boards which are thick as well as when renovating ETICS facades. All tools are made of high-quality materials, have been perfectly matched to the EJOT anchor and dimensioned for many application cycles.