LIEBIG anchoring technology
with EJOT global support

The unique modular design and absolute strength of of LIEBIG anchoring products is second to none. Following the acquisition of the Finnish company SORMAT, this unique technology is now part of EJOT’s manufacturing excellence and specification support facility around the world and here in the UK. Together we are making LIEBIG products and the technical guidance to support them readily accessible.

All LIEBIG anchors are modular in design, so special lengths are easily and cost-effectively produced within a minimal lead time. They can be modified to increase anchorage depth or to enable them to hold down much thicker fixtures. Because they are manufactured using higher grade materials, higher tensile and shear loads are easily achieved. LIEBIG anchors have Option 1 and Option 7 ETA approvals for cracked and non-cracked concrete.

Designed for use where safety is critical and applications include installations into nuclear power plants, industrial plants, conveyor systems, cranes, and also for special civil engineering solutions.

Benefits of LIEBIG anchoring products:
  • Safe and secure anchoring high loads into cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • ETA Option 1 and Option 7 approvals
  • Modular design for custom lengths and assemblies
  • Engineered from high strength materials
  • Proven performance in resisting dynamic loads, shock loads and seismic loads
  • Technical reports available for these and other applications

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Watch LIEBIG technology animated: Ultraplus installation video


LIEBIG Anchorbolt M6 - M16

Economical and high capacity general purpose anchor, approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

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LIEBIG Ultraplus M12 - M36

The undercut anchor for exceptionally high loads - including shock and seismic - into cracked and non-cracked concrete. European Technical Approval Option 1.

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LIEBIG Safety Bolt M6 - M20

High capacity double expansion, heavy duty anchor for increased security. European Technical Approval Option 1.

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Anchor dimensioning made easy
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LIEBIG Superplus M8 - M16

The automatic self-undercutting fixing system that does not require a special fixing tool. European Technical Approval Option 1.

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