LIEBIG anchoring technology
with EJOT global support

The unique modular design and absolute strength of of LIEBIG anchoring products is second to none. Now this unique technology is part of EJOT’s manufacturing excellence and specification support facility around the world. 
Together we are making LIEBIG products and the technical guidance to support them readily accessible.
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added November 2018

Watch LIEBIG technology animated: Ultraplus installation video


LIEBIG Anchorbolt M6 - M16

Economical and high capacity general purpose anchor, approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete.


LIEBIG Safty Bolt M6 - M20

High capacity double expansion, heavy duty anchor for increased security. European Technical Approval Option 1.


LIEBIG Superplus M8 - M16

The automatic self-undercutting fixing system that does not require a special fixing tool. European Technical Approval Option 1.

LIEBIG Ultraplus M12-M36

The undercut anchor for exceptionally high loads - including shock and seismic - into cracked and non-cracked concrete. European Technical Approval Option 1.


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