LIEBIG® Ultraplus A4


  • Applications

    • Anchoring of Steel Structures and Baseplates in Nuclear, Power, Oil and Gas and Water Treatment.
    • Heavy Structural Applications.
  • Properties

    • Stainless Steel A4
  • Technical specifications

    • Stainless Steel A4.
    • ETA Approved for Cracked and Non Cracked concrete.
    • Hex Nut.
    • Thread size M12 to M36.

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Unit Article Number Orderidentifier
9650140204 Ultraplus M12-23/140/20 A4
9650220304 Ultraplus M16-30/220/30 A4
9650250504 Ultraplus M20-36/250/50 A4
9650280604 Ultraplus M24-45/280/60 A4
9650421004 Ultraplus M36-67/420/100 A4