Installing self-drilling fasteners... the right way!

Whoever purchases building fasteners from within the project chain is going to be connected to the overall project investment. Modern fastening products are engineered to provide high strength performance, safe and secure joints, environmental longevity and countless other application benefits - and as original manufacturers, we find that technical awareness can vary greatly. With this in mind, our Applitec team has produced the first in a new series of technical guides to review best installation practices for self-drilling fasteners.

This first guide reviews typical drive tools that are available and examines the correct options and those unsuitable for modern technical fasteners. Whilst being compact and relatively inexpensive, the general mechanics of many devices mean they can apply an unnecessary or uncontrollable amount of torque to fasteners that need to be installed to precise settings. It may be possible to achieve a correctly installed fastener once or twice using such a device, but guesswork is not an option when installing several thousand fasteners.

The guide also focuses on how to deploy a simple screwgun nosepiece to achieve correct settings for the materials being joined. Recommended installation techniques and how to monitor safe installation through to completion of the project is covered in detail.

Brian Mack is Technical Business Development Manager for EJOT in the UK:

“The information we are producing here shows that we don’t just sell fastening products. The responsibility goes much further than that. We are working alongside other manufacturers to develop responsible information that supplements in more detail the contributions we make to information circulated by recognised industry flag bearers such as the NFRC and the MCRMA”.

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