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Fasteners for Electric Vehicle Battery systems

The specification of fasteners for Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) assembly is hugely important given how it can influence the electric vehicle’s design and efficiency of production.

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of fastening systems for the automotive industry for over 50 years, EJOT can provide expert insights and products to help you achieve the optimum fastener solution for your EVB project.

We understand the challenges involved with ensuring the battery is as lightweight as possible to optimise performance and reduce energy consumption, while at the same time being designed for both water and air tightness and remaining fully serviceable.

We also know that the EVB design must utilise a mix of connected components that are conductive in some instances, while requiring isolating qualities for safety reasons in other areas. And there is the critical issue of fastener cleanliness too, given that any contamination present within the electric powertrain can lead to short-circuiting.

Through the range of advanced fastening systems for EVB assemblies available from EJOT, we can provide a dependable solution to meet all these goals and more, particularly in relation to using lightweight materials. Our fasteners helped pioneer the use of lightweight and thin sheet materials in the automotive industry and today the latest versions of these products and systems are helping EV manufacturers to unlock their potential.

Where the EVB is concerned, these fasteners are enabling the shift away from using standard steel in motor housings to materials like aluminium and plastics, which require solutions to handle different temperature and tolerance demands.

One of the EJOT fasteners at the forefront of Electric Vehicle Battery cell assembly is the ALtracs Plus, the thread forming screws for aluminium. This self-tapping screw is helping to satisfy the increasing volume in this growth market area because of its suitability for lightweight construction due to its optimised thread geometry that facilitates the use of smaller and shorter screws, but with consistently high strength values.

Through these design characteristics and their high quality, ALtracs Plus along with other EJOT fasteners including the Delta PT, which is a high load capacity screw for direct fastening into plastics, will also give greater reliability of installation equipment. And due to the innovative nature of many EJOT fasteners, there is also the scope to reduce the number of parts needed in an Electric Vehicle Battery cell assembly which in turn means simpler installation.

The result is that EJOT can help EVB designers arrive at a design that ticks all the boxes, ensuring that high levels of productivity can be maintained in the factory for Takt times to be met more reliably.

Finding new ways to apply EJOT fasteners to provide high strength joints in plastics, composite materials, thin sheet metals and foams will be increasingly important as EV adoption and use increases. So talk to us to explore how our range, including metal screws for plastics, plastic screws, friction-weld systems, plastic fasteners and removable fasteners, can help you achieve your EVB design goals.

We also provide customers with access to our specialist calculation software which will assist in the development process and potentially deliver savings in terms of time and costs.
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Help, guidance and technical support is available from our Yorkshire based customer support team and our regional application engineers working throughout the UK.

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Flow Drill Screw (FDS)

EJOT FDS is ideal for single sided applications and for multi material joining. FDS reduces the need for additional processes in both the clamping material and installation boss material. This creates less need for alignment and savings in handling time. 

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ALtracs Plus

The ALtracs Plus thread forming screw for aluminium is helping to satisfy increasing volume demand due to its suitability for lightweight construction. Its optimised thread geometry facilitates the use of smaller and shorter screws, but with consistently high strength values.

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The EVO PT high load capacity screw for direct fastening into plastics creates a torque curve during the installation phase, almost independently of the screw-in depth. As a result, a uniform tightening torque can be used in the production at different screw lengths.

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Calculation Software

Bespoke online tools from EJOT help design engineers speed up research and development programmes by reducing the need for testing and delivering cost-saving potential.

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