Fasteners for seating in Electric Vehicles

Automotive seating plays a significant role in every vehicle’s comfort level, its safety, overall weight, durability and interior styling.

In common with the latest generation of fuel-efficient internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the seating requirement of Electric Vehicles (EVs) demands high levels of functionality coupled with modern and often radical styling. Seats with heating and ventilation are no longer the domain of premium quality, luxury vehicles, nor is the expectation for high levels of adjustability to support a safe, healthy and comfortable driving position.

All these goals have to be realised without adding significant weight to the EV. And this is being made possible through the use of innovative materials in the seat’s construction, such as EPP (expanded polystyrene) and lighter alloys. Whilst weight minimisation has been an increasingly important factor in recent decades to improve the MPG efficiency of petrol and diesel engines, it is crucial in EV design given the need to maximise battery range.

But passive safety is vital too. Automotive seating requires a high degree of structural strength to perform a key role in protecting drivers and passengers in the event of a collision or impact, so whatever design decisions are explored, they must not compromise this fundamental.

Key to delivering robust, feature-packed seating for EVs are innovative fastening solutions from EJOT. Our range enables designers to overcome many different joining challenges throughout the vehicle for proven performance in ICE, hybrid or EV powered vehicles.

Whether the design needs a small diameter screw for use with climate control elements within the seat, larger screws for securing seating rail to the frame or fixings for lumbar support or seat adjustment, the EJOT range provides a dependable solution.

Vehicle seating which features multi-material joints will call for several types of fixing to achieve the required performance. For example, one screw may be required to form a thread in plastics, in which case the EJOT Delta PT will often meet the brief.

The Delta PT screw is a fastening element designed for reliable and easy direct assembly into thermoplastics – even highly loaded thermoplastic materials. Its design will accommodate the very high loads which components used in automotive applications often have to withstand.

Where lightweight alloys are used within the seat, the design may require a screw capable of forming a thread. This can be achieved with the ALtracs Plus. This is a self-tapping screw specifically designed for light metal with an optimised thread geometry that facilitates the use of smaller and shorter screws, but with consistently high strength values and clamp loads for long term stability, even under high dynamic and thermal stress.

And for seating designs where lightweight EPP foam is used, the EJOT EPPsys range provides an ideal solution. This is a family of plastic fastening elements which offer exceptional strength to weight ratio, durability, application versatility, optimisation for automated assembly, and recyclability.

From the EPPsys RSD boss, which is securely installed into the foam via a friction welding process, to the EPPsys DR fastener for thin-walled components where a snap-fit connection is required, the range offers great application versatility for seating designers to achieve more creative results.

Whichever EJOT screws or fastening systems are specified, the brand always represents quality and excellent performance. And through our calculation software available to automotive designers, including Delta CALC and Altra CALC, we can help you make time and cost savings at the development stage.
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Screws for Composites & Foams

EPPsys D - The reliable direct assembly in EPP foam
EPPsys DR - The reliable direct assembly with engagement hooks
EPPsys RSD - The secure welding joint in EPP foams
EPPsys TSSD - Secure fastening solution for honey comb and foam materials

Screws for Metals & Plastics


ALtracs Plus

The ALtracs Plus thread forming screw for aluminium is helping to satisfy increasing volume demand due to its suitability for lightweight construction. Its optimised thread geometry facilitates the use of smaller and shorter screws, but with consistently high strength values.

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The EVO PT high load capacity screw for direct fastening into plastics creates a torque curve during the installation phase, almost independently of the screw-in depth. As a result, a uniform tightening torque can be used in the production at different screw lengths. 

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The EJOT DELTA PT® screw is designed for easy direct assembly into thermoplastics and has evolved in tandem with automotive assembly. Its design can accommodate very high loads which components used in automotive applications often have to withstand. 

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Calculation Software

Bespoke online tools from EJOT help design engineers speed up research and development programmes by reducing the need for testing and delivering cost-saving potential.

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