• Overview

    • Self-tapping fastener for thermoplastics
    • Optimised locating point
    • Depth independent installation torque
    • Support with complete CAE based designing
    • Excellent process safety
    • Standardisation potential

Help, guidance and technical support

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EJOT’s advanced fastening systems are found in countless industrial and engineering assemblies around the world. Click below for sales and technical support from one of our experienced team. We conduct inspections and observations onsite, in addition to providing help and advice direct from our UK manufacturing centre.

The Evolution of self-tapping into plastic materials

The EVO PT® represents EJOT’s latest evolutionary development of self-tapping fasteners for thermoplastics. For the first time, this innovative fastening solution successfully integrates manufacturing and application knowledge with new methods based on physical computer simulations into the development process. The result of this cross-disciplinary approach is a screw with excellent connection properties.

Innovative forming thread

One of the most innovative characteristics of the EVO PT® is the way its forming thread creates a torque curve during the installation phase, almost independently of the screw-in depth. As a result, a uniform tightening torque can be used in the production at different screw lengths. The special lead-in feature of the EVO PT® creates a uniform load on the thread flanks when completely fastened. This is achieved because the screw centres automatically in the pilot hole during the installation. In addition, this innovative thread allows an easy self-alignment in the pilot hole.


With the digital calculation service EJOT EVO CALC®, EJOT is able to offer design engineers a prediction of the torques and preload forces according to component requirements. Additionally, in conjunction with the EVO PT® screw, we can provide an individual FEM-supported component optimisation. The resulting valuable time and cost saving effects can already be realised in the design phase.

CAE services - component optimisation and individual design engineering assistance

EJOT’s design support extends further during your development stages through our CAE services. With the help of innovative calculation and simulation tools we can estimate the behaviour and effect of our fastening elements on your proposed component under various loads. This enables us to give you respective recommendations that you can depend on. For example, we can calculate the clamp load relaxation of individual screw joints and also to analyse the behaviour of the complete assembly. Read more...