EJOT APPLITEC: Technology and support for the modern building envelope

APPLITEC is derived from two words: APPLIcation TEChnology. Beyond the brand APPLITEC is at the heart of our solutions and manufacturing ethos worldwide, with a network of sister laboratories that support our operations in all sectors.

That makes for a global team of qualified technicians providing a collaboration of knowledge, experience and innovative thinking. Here in the UK, our APPLITEC centre provides a modern, hi-tech showcase and a highly successful platform to share with clients working within the modern building envelope.

Getting it right at the design stage

Day to day, that means standard pull-out tests through to complex application testing - for example, Ultra-Violet, metallurgical or chemical composition data Analysis. Increasingly our technicians are working with OEM’s to develop system-specific solutions. Our aim is to improve, optimise and enhance the boundaries of performance, going beyond the benchmark to set new and higher standards.


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