Project support at conceptual stage or through retrospective analysis

EJOT UK has dedicated Application Engineers covering all areas of the UK. It is their job to work closely with engineering Designers and managers to provide them with the highest level of technical support. The aim is to achieve a solution that can reduce assembly components, increases strength of join with greater cost-efficiency.

Pre-engineering forecasts

Development procedures determine the overall cost of the final product - fact! Making the right fastening specification early in the process will avoid costly revisions later on - so we aim towards a 0% product defect strategy.

EJOT application engineers provide full and accurate information on joint performance, resulting in design forecasting that can be applied to the assembly process. For example, our DELTACALC® online prognosis program, developed for the DELTA PT® plastic fastener can provide lifetime durability forecasting under temperature stress and static stress. Similarly our ALTRACALC® program provides accurate forecasting for the performance of the EJOT ALtracs PLUS® screw, when working with light alloys.

Re-engineering analysis support

EJOT's design and testing capability is being increasingly utilised to compile detailed tear-down reports, where the task is to revisit to existing assemblies. Although the process works from the opposite end of the conceptual scale, the depth of analysis is just the same. This aim could be anything from addressing repetitive assembly line failures, through to the need to create cost-reduction through process and parts-rationlisation. Our engineers will aim to offer recommendations aiming at cost or time improvements, without compromise to quality.