EJOT Covers


  • Overview

    • High-performance thermoplastic materials
    • Single-step production process without pre-molding
    • Process-integrated assembly
    • Inserts with standard coatings or bondable surfaces
    • In-house tooling and automation engineering

Help, guidance and technical support

Your contacts for industrial fastening systems

EJOT’s advanced fastening systems are found in countless industrial and engineering assemblies around the world. Click below for sales and technical support from one of our experienced team. We conduct inspections and observations onsite, in addition to providing help and advice direct from our UK manufacturing centre.

EJOT Covers

Hybrid parts made by EJOT meet the most stringent requirements with regard to accuracy to size, dimensional stability, load bearing capacity, tightness and appearance - even in constantly changing and demanding fields of application.

With state-of-the-art engineering and many years of experience, EJOT manufactures precise assemblies for the direct injection molding of metal contacts.