Committed to the present and the future

Environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources are amongst the most important future projects. The term "sustainability" originated in the forestry industry describing that the amount of wood removed must be able to re-grow. Today the term is used much more complex and it describes that economic, ecological and social responsibility have to be considered together. Long-term success is only possible in a sound environment and society. Continuous improvement of the production processes is an economic as well as an environmentally important fact. Short transport routes, innovative production processes and energy-efficient renovation of our buildings are only a few examples for economic aspects with direct effects on the environment. In product development as well as production we try to keep harmful environmental effects small and continuously improve environmental protection.

Enviromental Product Declaration

On the one hand our products fasten equipment for renewable energy such as photovoltaics or bio-gas, and on the other hand our anchors are used for installing thermal insulation for buildings. We obtained the first environmental product declaration (EPD) for anchor manufacturers and can now present a comprehensive and complete record for the sustainability and the balance of environmental influences of our products.

More Information

Our products are sustainable

Screws in general are removable products and thus recyclable. Sheet thicknesses, for example in automotive engineering, can be reduced with the use of innovative EJOT products. With a simulation of the forces effecting the joint and the subsequent inspection in the EJOT APPLITEC the number of screw connections can be reduced in many application cases. This does not only save raw material, but lightweight design is also very effective for reducing fuel consumption.

Sustainable production methods

For many years the environmental certification has been standard practice at EJOT and our production sites have been certified according to DIN 14001 since 1999. With certified local production facilities we can guarantee short and eco-friendly transport ways in many regions of the world. And we are adding new production sites, for example in China. Of course we are going to ensure that our standards, regarding the conservation of resources will be observed for this project as well.

Our Goals

As part of our strategic goals, we have defined five key areas in which we will continue to operate in the future:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Involvement of EJOT products in sustainability Management
  • Stakeholder management: Improve external communication.
  • Development of legally compliant documentation.
  • Maintaining ISO 14001: 2015 for Poland, Mexico, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.

EJOT Sustainability and Quality Policy

Sustainability and Quality