How shared fastening expertise can build bridges within light steel framing

It is hoped that EJOT UK’s recent decision to join the Light Steel Framing Association (LSFA) will contribute and help to unlock the potential for this rapidly emerging technology, given our cross-sector pedigree around the world. Unlike any other construction fastener manufacturer, EJOT’s technology is unique in that it unites expertise from our building and engineering sectors by drawing on diverse fastening technologies to advance the products and installation techniques we see across the modern building envelope.

Being able to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration can be vital for the development of light steel frame’s potential, but it is not without its cultural differences. Whilst fastening systems for construction are characterised by delivery to the right place at the right time, the supply to engineering customers is based on a longer-term ethos of product development and shared project management. That often means re-engineering threads, materials – even tailoring coating technology - to arrive at a new or a bespoke solution.  This has resulted in unique thread-forming, metallurgy and organic coatings cross-pollinating all of the sectors via a learning curve for all sides - and the emergence of what could be badged ‘the science of installation technology’. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Synergy with lightweight engineering assembly

The joining of different lightweight material compositions within engineering applications is as much to do with the measured precision of installation tools and installation systems as the products themselves. That synergy is a perfect fit for the potentiality of the light steel sector.  

“We are already seeing the adaptation and integration of highly technical engineering processes into the planning and specifications for advanced modes of offsite construction and this will transform next generation building processes” says EJOT’s Technical Business Development Manager in the UK, Brian Mack.

“For example, processes engineered for automotive assemblies are supporting the development of construction products, with engineers on both sides of the EJOT fence sharing expertise within a mutually respectful arena. Such innovations include highly sophisticated fastening systems for vehicle frame and chassis assembly - known as ‘body-in-white’. These advancements are already answering the global call to ‘build lighter, build stronger’.”

Fully and semi-automated solutions developed in conjunction with industry partners, such as screwdriving specialist Deprag, are already proving pivotal in delivering an engineering-based approach to a rapidly changing construction sector. This supports best practice and the progressive needs of light steel framing, especially within the MMC, volumetric and modular off-site sectors that EJOT is historically involved with.

​​​​​​​Dedicated Research and Development 

Development and testing is provided by the integral UK EJOT Applitec Centre - with additional expertise on tap at sister laboratories around the EJOT world. Investment made both locally and internationally within all of these centres is evidence of the EJOT Group’s commitment to support the objectives and forward-thinking approach of institutions such as the LSFA.

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​​​​​​​added February 2021


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