1. Substrate Fixing

EJOT rainscreen fasteners have been engineered specifically to transmit the system’s complex loading, back to the substrate.

The EJOT rainscreen fastening range provides solutions for fixing metal sections, brackets, timber and aluminium support brackets to virtually all substrates. These include concrete, aerated concrete, brick, brick with low compressive strength and light steel framing.


2. Frame Fasteners

EJOT Typical fixing scenarios are frame fixing to aluminium support brackets and fixing aluminium sections. The range also includes fixing high pressure laminate board to timber, and aluminium or steel to steel and heavy section steel.


3. Insulation Anchors

EJOT insulation anchors are designed to secure and retain insulation products including rigid insulation boards, mineral fibre and cavity barriers.

Typical applications include fixing mineral wool, rigid insulation and fibre barrier insulation to masonry, and fixing insulation to steel and sheathing boards.

The EJOT insulation range extends to installation accessories and drill bits.


4. Fascia Panel Fasteners

EJOT panel fasteners are designed for the unobtrusive fixing of façade panels back to the frame whilst providing weather performance, integrity and durability.

Typical applications are the fixing of the fascia panel to light and medium section steel, and to timber. The range extends to fixing aluminium panels to aluminium, high pressure or aluminium laminates to timber, and secret fix systems to high pressure laminates.