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EJOT® Iso-Corner kit injection


  • Applications

    • For embedment of the EJOT® Iso-Corner in concrete, solid stone and perforated masonry with perforated sleeve.
    • Consisting of 3 pcs. anchor rods AST and 3 pcs. mesh sleeves USF.
    • Approved application in conjunction with mortar Multifix USF / USF winter.
    • The mortar cartridge has to be ordered separately.
  • Properties

    USF / USF Winter:

    • Processing with common applicator gun is possible
    • Can be used in wet concrete
    • water-filled drill holes
    • Delivery including mixing nozzle

    Anchor rod Ast

    • Approved for polyester and vinyl ester composite mortar
    • For embedment in concrete and solid brick
    • For embedment in perforated brick in combination with mesh sleeve

    Properties of AST steel

    • Anchor rod: strength grade 5.8 or 6.8 acc. to EN ISO 898-1
    • Nut: strength grade 5 or 6 acc. to EN 20898-2
    • Washer: acc. to EN ISO 7089

    Mesh sleeve USF

    • For embedment in perforated brick
    • Ensures exact calibration of threaded rod
  • Technical specifications

    Embedment dept ≥ hef:

    • Concrete: ≥ 60 mm
    • Solid brick masonry: 90 mm
    • Perforated brick: 85 mm

    Drill hole diameter d0:

    • Concrete: 12 mm
    • solid brick masonry: 12 mm
    • Perforated brick: 16 mm (by using the der mesh sleeve USF 16x85)

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information.

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Iso-corner kit Injection