EJOT® Iso-Bar


  • Applications

    • Approved fastening element for retro-fitting medium-heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS systems that incorporates EPS, mineral wool and mineral foam insulation.
    • Awnings
    • Canopies
    • Consoles e.g. air conditioning units, rank grilles.
  • Properties

    • Low classified thermal bridge effect.
    • Subsequent, flexible installation.
    • Can be cut to length on site to suit the condition of the substrate.
    • Small product variety for insulation thicknesses up to 300mm.
    • Permanent seal against moisture-dricing rain test according to DIN EN 12155.
    • Easy and safe installation with innovative assembly tools.
    • Expansion-pressure free installation.
    • When used in combination with Multifix USF winter mortar it can be installed at temperatures down to -20°C.

    The EJOT Iso-bar is delivered as a set of comprises of: 

    • Rod made of glass-fibre reinforced bulk fabric with connection
    • iso bar mounting tool (black)
    • U-disc dia. 44mm with seal, A4.
    • U-disc for M12 DIN 125, A4.
    • Nut hexagon M12 DIN 934, A4.
    • Mizzle nozzle extension 200mm
    • Iso-bar screen sleeve 25 x 100 steel (for use in perforated stone masonry)
  • Technical specifications

    • Approval: Z-21.8-2083
    • Nominal diameter: 22mm
    • Thread connection: M12 x 35mm
    • Clamping thickness of attachment part:≤25mm

    Max. effective length* concrete/masonry

    • Iso-bar 200: 160/120mm
    • Iso-bar 260: 220/180mm
    • Iso-bar 320: 280/240mm
    • Iso-bar 380: 340/300mm

    *max.effective length=thickness of non bearing layers, e.g. adhesive, plaster, reinforcement, insulation material, etc.

    Installation values for anchoring in concrete (cracked and uncracked)

    • Drill hole diameter: 24mm
    • Min. Installation depth: 40mm
    • Min. Drill hole depth: 50mm

    Installation values for anchoring in masonry without mesh sleeve/with mesh sleeve

    • Drill hole diameter: 24mm/26mm
    • Min. Installation depth: 80mm
    • Min. Drill hole depth: 100mm