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EJOTĀ® Expansion joint profile - surface


  • Applications

    • An ETICS Profile with glass fibre fabric for the formation of vertical building expansion joints in flat surface areas in thermal insulation composite systems
  • Properties

    • Exact and clean plaster connection
    • Can be used for joint widths of 20 - 30 mm
    • Good plaster grip thanks to grooved surface
    • Technical data
    • Hard and soft PVC profile
    • Glass fibre fabric is alkali-resistant and non-slip
    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Transport and storage lying down
    • Cavities behind the profile must be filled with insulation material
    • While glueing the insulation panels, create a joint with clean edges. It is recommended to use a spacer to ensure easy processing of the profiles. We recommend a joint width of approx. 20mm to ensure sufficient movement absorption after installation. Starting from the bottom, embed the profile over the entire surface in the previously applied reinforcing compound and align it so that it flows. Align the first profile so that the end with the blunt side points downwards and the end with the joint loop protrusion points upwards. Mount the second expansion joint profile so that the blunt side of the joint loop lies on the loop projection of the first profile. We recommend glueing the two loops together with a suitable adhesive. When carrying out the surface reinforcement, the glass fibre fabric must be overlapped up to the take-off edge of the expansion joint profile.

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information.

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