EJOT® Iso Bloc


  • Applications

    • Especially suitable as backings for thermal fridge-free, alien fixations in thermal insulation composite systems of expanded polystyrene and rock wool
    • Also to be used as pressure pads for medium-heavy loads 
    • Timber or tapping screws are suitable for the screw connection in
      the EJOT Power-Bloc as well as such with cylindrical thread and
      large pitch (frame screws).
    • Thermal bridge-free subcontracted assembly is possible, e.g., with: Pipe brackets, rap and casement fasteners, Billboards & Clothes hook holders
  • Properties

    • The EJOT Power-Bloc is a foam moulded cuboid made of EPS
      with high mass density.
    • A surrounding 20 mm grid specifies the
      exact dimension to be cut.

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information

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EJOT Power-Bloc