EJOWELD Equipement

EJOWELD® offers a unique possibility to join different materials (lightweight material / high strength steel) with the use of a robot suitable setting tool without any pre-treatment of materials (cleaning, de-coating, pre-hole). The equipment includes a setting tool, a feeder and a control cabinet - all individually customisable to your requirements and your periphery.

Setting Tool - Flexible Design

The setting tool is the central component of the equipment. Its modular design with various C-frame sizes, pressure modules lengths, anvil lengths, as well as different mounting positions on the C-frame, enables a flexible use in various applications. The feed motion and the friction welding process are produced by two servomotor drives. The feeding system is pneumatically operated and works independent of the position. Various mounting positions and angles, with or without the multi-coupling system, expand the possible applications.

Feeder - For Serial Applications

The rotary feeder developed by EJOWELD® is designed for the requirements of friction element welding and operates electro-pneumatically. The feeder can transport all available EJOT® friction elements through our profile hose. EJOWELD® offers two options for the use in cycle-time-oriented serial production. The feeder system is available as a 1-feeder version or 2-feeder version. With both versions, the friction element is transported by compressed air up to 25 m between feeder and setting tool. In the 2-feeder version, a passive junction in the background enables a transport of both elements with only one hose. An additional module on the setting tool shortens the cycle time and stores one type of each friction element if required.

Control Unit - Layout

The control cabinet includes the control system, all necessary modules for the welding process, monitors the system functions and centrally supplies all system components of the friction element welding system with electricity. For the connection of the control cabinet and setting tool, cable packages in various lengths as well as different profile hoses are available. We also offer complete robot-dress-packages for your robot.  Our control cabinets can be equipped with various options according to your requirements. For example, user access control, integrated or mobile HID or interfaces for communication with higher-level controls or robots.

Control Unit - Control Systems

With the intuitive user interface, the friction welding process can be parametrised, the system can be configured, dynamically monitored as well as record and evaluate the joining process for analysis. The structure and the communication possibilities of the system correspond to the latest guidelines and are ready for "Industry 4.0" even today. If any wishes remain open our developers and application engineers are glad to advise you about further possibilities.