Service is not just about the product, but also about supporting the customers with their ideas and implementations. Our strengths in service are short response times along with flexible and individual solutions for your problem or application task. We offer a wide range of services from feasibility studies to technological support during start of production. Whether this is a preliminary examination, producing joint samples, the development of new technologies, the development of elements or systems engineering, training, commissioning, maintenance and repair - we accompany you and your project throughout all phases. Upon request, our joining experts can evaluate your samples, parameters or joining results and, if necessary, suggest improvement possibilities. Contact us for any questions or requests.


For us, development does not only mean the consistent improvement of our technology, products, and expansion of our portfolio, but also to bring our ideas and requirements with our know-how to success. Already in the early phase of your production planning, we can provide you with 3D data of the system technology for simulation purposes. Our developers are happy to check your hardware and software requirements in order to provide individual solutions if necessary. You have a new combination of materials? Our joining experts will gladly provide you with a feasibility study and give recommendations on the appropriate technology and plant equipment or the necessary special solutions.


The EJOWELD training system has various modules that you can choose according to your needs. The basic module starts with the training level "Operator" and can be extended with maintenance or joining expert modules. In this way, you train your specialist personnel specifically to operate, maintain and suppress the production systems, or to create your own welding programs and to qualitatively evaluate joint points.

Services at the plant

  • Commissioning: This service includes, among other things, the commissioning of the equipment in your production facilities. From unpacking to trial welding on the robot or stationary stand.
  • Maintenance and service: If you have no capacity for maintenance, we are pleased to offer maintenance work within the scope of maintenance contracts or single operations.
  • Technology support: We are also glad to support the start of series production. Our joining experts will assist your trained personnel to create a smooth transition from trial operation to series production.