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Expanding EJOT ETICS range delivers holistic advantage for system designers

EJOT’s growing range of innovative solutions for the installation of ETICS systems, is playing an increasingly important role in enabling quality and performance to be optimised in external envelope refurbishment and new build projects. Mark Newell, EJOT UK’s ETICS specialist explains why.

EJOT is uniquely positioned to provide EWI systems companies with a variety of premium products designed to support thermal performance and required for three key areas of a system’s installation – fastening insulation to the substrate, precise edge formation and the attachment of external elements of varying weights and functionality.

These products are designed to accommodate many different types and thicknesses of insulation and renders offered by system providers, and they ensure the EWI system build-up can be done with maximum efficiency. Backed by credible product approvals, the end result for system providers is a suite of products which helps them to reliably meet today’s more stringent thermal requirements and offers long term assurance to their clients.

In this sector, the EJOT brand is best known for excellence in ETICS anchors, and this is reflected by the fact that most leading systems designers have the confidence to include our products as integral to their holistic solutions. However, given that the anchor is just one of the key components in external wall systems, it was a natural progression for the EJOT Group to expand our EWI range to incorporate profiles, utilising our design, manufacturing, logistics and sector-specific expertise to help customers improve installation efficiency and quality.

Optimising system performance through both anchor and profile innovation

Our range of insulation anchors has been used in building refurbishments and MMC projects around the world for nearly 25 years. These are widely used in the UK market, particularly the ejotherm® STR U 2G, which helps to prevent anchor marks on the rendered finish, and have evolved to provide anchoring solutions for all building substrates in both new build and retrofit applications.

Now many other key elements of the EWI system are now available from EJOT, chiefly the profiles used at the base, corners, edges and around windows and doors, which can be deployed to achieve a number of advantages.

Designed to enable precise edge formation and permanently drive rain away from the building, EJOT Pro-Line profiles are challenging convention by offering a PVC solution that is as rigid as aluminium, but with improved durability and significantly reduced thermal bridging. 

Every Pro-Line product is the result of extensive R&D programmes undertaken by the EJOT Group’s ETICS specialists in Germany. They all incorporate innovative features to minimise weight in the overall system, while at the same time ensuring the system is structurally robust and aesthetically clean.

The Pro-line range includes a corner bead, the EJOT Pro GEW, which can be incorporated into the system extremely effectively thanks to its perforated profile design, along with several reveal bead options. The EJOT Pro APP reveal bead has the benefit of transfer tape for attaching the cover film, whilst the EJOT Pro GAP Giga Flex and GAP Giga Flex Slim feature integrated mesh with the ability to absorb a high level of movement.

The range also includes a corner profile with a drip edge, EJOT Pro TKP, which is supplied with plug-in connectors and incorporates a glass fibre mesh to create an exact and stable plaster finish with targeted water flow for a variety of applications. And there are further profile and bead products for  attaching base rails to provide and a render stop and interfacing with roller shutters. 

The Pro-Line range of profiles not only complements EJOT’s established anchoring products, but also its range of external attachment components, each designed to allow planned external attachments to be integrated within the EWI system and enable external elements to be retrofitted as required.
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EJOT's facades attachments are part of a wider range of system-based ETICS fastening products. For more information, or to speak to our ETICS specialist:
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Designed to perform long term, EJOT Pro-Line profiles enable precise edge formation in EWI facades.

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The EJOT Pro-Line range of ETICS profiles facilitates high quality, durable rendered finishes.

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The Pro-Line range of profiles and EJOT’s established anchoring products complements its range of external attachment components designed to allow planned external attachments to be integrated within the EWI system and for external elements to be retrofitted as required.