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Your contacts in Scotland

These are your key contacts for EJOT building and construction fasteners and systems in Scotland.

Our sales engineers aim to be responsive and helpful - remotely and whenever possible, face to face or on site. They are supported by our Customer Service, Technical and Quality teams, all based at our Yorkshire manufacturing centre, 14 miles east of Leeds.
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Sales Engineer for Scotland

Gary Robson - 320 x 377.png

Gary Robson
Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gary joined EJOT in March 2007. He has built extensive knowledge of roofing and cladding applications, further specialising in Rainscreen, Liebig and Anchoring products. Gary is a CFA certified tester.

M: 07825 095 228

Customer Service

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Samantha Pearson Assoc CIPD
Customer Services Manager for Building Fasteners

EJOT’s customer services team provide all the support you need for the modern building envelope. Samantha and her team are supported by technical services based at our manufacturing centre in Yorkshire.

T: 01977 687 078

EJOT Applitec

EJOT Applitec - 320 x 377 V2.png

Technical Support
Applitec is the very basis of our solutions and manufacturing ethos worldwide, with a network of sister laboratories that support our operations in all sectors.

​​​​T: 01977 687 040

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - 320 x 377.png

Fiona Morley MSc.
Quality Services Construction: With our ISO 9001 certification, EJOT UK focuses on following a high-quality standard of practices to ensure our customer’s satisfaction through continuous improvement.

​​​​T: 01977 687 054