EJOT DH: Two-piece Insulation Anchor

The EJOT DH Rainscreen Insulation Anchor has been re-engineered so that the shank and insulation plate are two separate pieces, both manufactured from high grade plastic for insulation thicknesses of 60mm up to 300mm. These critical modifications have provided several new benefits for the end-user:

Set embedment depth

The shank of the new DH anchor has been manufactured to give a precise and set embedment depth of 30mm for both masonry and concrete substrates. Its high grade plastic composition means a safe, secure installation – and even where large thicknesses of insulation are used, any risk of buckling is virtually eliminated.

Precise plate positioning

Once the shank is positioned, the plate simply pushes into place according to the thickness of the insulation. The insulation board can even be pushed over the shank making installation even simpler. Coupled with the set embedment, the 'quilting' often associated with poorly installed conventional anchors, is also eliminated.

Efficient ordering and storage

Whilst the new DH is available in a variety of shank lengths, the insulation plate is a standard 90mm diameter size. The new two-piece system further reduces the packaging volume by 80%.

News Story: Building
added September 2017

Watch the DH2 video

This video demonstrates the benefits of the DH Rainscreen two-piece insulation anchor and demonstrates the ease of installation with single and double depth insulation.
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