HTK 2G 75mm tube-washer

Recently added to our Flat Roofing & Membrane Systems product range, EJOT UK has developed a 75 mm diameter tube-washer specifically for part-adhered flat roofing installations.

The new HTK-2G-75 meets SPRA guidelines for bonded/mechanical hybrid installations for securing insulation back into either ply or profiled steel decks where the surface membrane layer is to be adhered.

EJOT’s technical sales engineers will advise on the correct fixing centres in relation to wind-load calculations, while the tube-washer and threaded fastener not only address cold-bridging concerns, just as the HTK-2G-50 does for mechanically fixed systems, the telescopic design provides resistance to imposed loads. With the insulation and membrane permanently secured using EJOT’s hybrid solution, the job is completed by folding and heat welding the laps.

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added September 2017

Watch the HTK 75 video

This CGI animation demonstrates the installation benefits of the HTK 2G 75mm Tubewasher . 
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