EJOT® TRIO general purpose insulation anchor

EJOT TRIO - the ‘general purpose application’ anchor for insulation materials. Versatile and reliable as well as being very cost effective, TRIO comprises two types of fixing pin, both of which combine with the same high quality sleeve.

These three TRIO components can be used to fix into concrete or clay bricks including perforated types and aircrete blockwork. The 10mm diameter sleeve itself is manufactured from high density polyethylene to create a variable anchor zone, from 30 to 60 mm depth. 

The glass-reinforced nylon pin is designed to secure lighter weight insulation, such as expanded polystyrene, back into brickwork or concrete. The metal pin will normally be used for heavier insulation types, though still being suitable for lighter EPS material. EJOT Trio then presents a generic, non-system specific product solution, engineered with real EJOT performance.

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added September 2017

Watch the Trio video

This video demonstrates the installation flexibilty of the EJOT Trio general purpose anchor. 

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