EJOT® Anchor Bolts BA Series

EJOT UK has added two new high performers to the ‘concrete, brick and block' product range. The BA Anchor Bolt series and MMS Concrete Screw provide high strength solutions for embedment in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

Complete with nut and washer that are engineered for problem free threading, our BA Anchor Bolts are available in galvanized zinc-plated steel and A4 stainless steel and will clamp material up to 30mm thickness. 

The EJOT MMS concrete screw comes complete with ETA Option 1 for cracked concrete and provide quick and easy installation - set without a plug. The chiseled tip design cuts a clear thread in the substrate, with the thread starting immediately; no breaking out of the concrete surface. MMS is also removable and reusable up to two times if needed.

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added September 2017

Watch the Anchor Bolt video

This CGI animation demonstrates the ease of installation and user benefits of the EJOT BA Anchor Bolt range.

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