EJOT® has introduced a fast and efficient solution that will simplify the intricate installation process for Aluminium Composite Material rain screen cassette systems; the JT4-FR-2H/6 4.8 x 22 fastener.

Historically, ACM cassette systems are secured to 2mm aluminium framing systems, by means of a rivet fixed via a clearance hole through the ACM, and a secondary hole created by a special centering drill through the clearance hole and into the aluminium frame. With the panel clamped, the rivet is set, again using a specialist tool, allowing for thermal movement between the panel and frame; an effective but time consuming procedure.

The ACM Screw is a self-drilling fastener / centering grommet combination that installs via a 8.5mm clearance hole, without the need to pre-drill the support section. The grommet locates within the clearance hole and ensures that the fastener drills and taps centrally. As the fastener advances it collapses the grommet whilst maintaining its centralisation and ensuring a secure clamp.

The combination further allows for thermal and differential movement between the components, preventing over compression or dimpling. The fastener’s free spin zone provides effective secure attachment of the ACM panel. 

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added January 2018

The EJOT FR head design gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be powder coated to match the ever-increasing range of colours available in ACM materials.