EJOfast Seamclip Fastener JF3-STX-2-4.8x25

The latest addition to the EJOT® EJOFAST range, designed to create a super-fast, super-strong fix for metal clips on roofs where standing seam panels are supported over timber, OSB or thin sheet steel skins.

The new EJOT® JF3-STX-2-4.8x25 fastener utilises the unique EJOFAST pierce point and thread geometry to create a fast and efficient method of fixing stainless steel support clips for standing seam panels. Originally designed for installation into thin steel composite skins, trials completed during the testing and development phase also showed that the fastener performs exceptionally well into timber and OSB substrates.

Available in a standard 25mm length, the buttress thread has been combined with a low profile countersunk head for a perfect installation - every time.

News Story: Building
added September 2017

Watch Seamclip video

This CGI animation demonstrates the installation benefits of the EJOT EJOfast Seamclip fastener. 
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