SIPStimber JT2-SP2-7 range

Designed and manufactured by EJOT UK, SIPStimber represents the first phase in what will eventually become a complete family of high performance Structural Insulated Panel fasteners, providing installers with a range specifically created for the UK SIPS market.

The new EJOT® SIPStimber range has been developed through careful research and consultation with leading UK SIPS manufacturers and installers, to provide smooth installation and high strength thread engagement for the strongest fix. 

The initial range provides a single diameter option in multiple lengths - with all fasteners manufactured by EJOT® to DIN EN ISO 10666, using casehardened carbon steel, organically coated for 1000 hour corrosion resistance. A positive recess affords installers to drive the fastener cleanly and securely via a T30 bit.

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added September 2017

Watch the SIPs video

This CGI animation demonstrates the installation benefits of the SIPStimber JT2 fastener.
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