LIEBIG Anchoring Technology resurgent following acquisition

Article first published by the New Civil Engineer Journal, July 2018

Most Civil and Structural Engineers with a respectable ‘mileage on the clock’ will be familiar with the LIEBIG brand and the high quality of anchoring technology associated with it. Some have expressed frustration over the brands inaccessibility in recent years, largely where to source products or acquire performance data.
The good news is that LIEBIG is in safe hands having recently been acquired by the global fastenings manufacturer EJOT, as part of the acquisition of Finnish company, SORMAT. Add to the mix that SORMAT itself acquired LIEBIG from Simpson Strong-Tie International Inc. back in 2012, and it’s easy to spot the confusion – something management at EJOT’s UK manufacturing centre near Leeds, are keen to put right.

Robert Hardstaff is EJOT’s managing director in the UK: “EJOT manufactures high performance fasteners for the modern building envelope. Our pedigree in terms of technical innovation is second to none and therefore, a perfect fit for LIEBIG. By combining our global knowledge-base with LIEBIG’s specialist teams we will ensure that the product range is easily accessible, continues to be performance-driven, and supported by responsive technical guidance”.

Paul Papworth has recently joined the EJOT team, bringing a wealth of knowledge born from a career spanning more than 30 years in construction fixings and anchoring. Paul worked for a leading anchor manufacturer in the UK and Asia region for most of that time. He outlined his working knowledge of the Liebig product range:

“We will focus our attention on the major LIEBIG products and variants. That’s the Ultra-plus and Super-plus undercut anchors, and the high-performance LIEBIG Anchor and Safety Bolt. These are hallmarked classics and we want engineers to know where they can come to for the products and for guidance. They also need to be aware that the modular nature of the Liebig range makes all of these anchors easily adaptable, which means they can get bespoke lengths and assemblies quickly, efficiently and of course, cost-effectively.”

Paul has thoroughly briefed LIEBIG’s product USP’s to his new colleagues. Gary Robson is EJOT’s sales engineer in the north of England: “Customers looking to source LIEBIG products can now access technical information. The modular flexibility of LIEBIG products simply means that with the correct technical guidance, purchase and supply is just as fast. The ethos of EJOT’s business model is one of technical support, so we would encourage any customer in need of further assistance to make contact”.

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added November 2018

EJOT UK has produced two specification style brochures that provides detailed technical information to cover Liebig’s modular anchoring technology. The Liebig Ultraplus undercutting anchor is detailed in a solus brochure whilst the Liebig Anchor, Liebig Safety Bolt and Liebig Superplus are detailed in one document.