• Applications

    For creating precise plaster finishes in the parapet or window sill area in thermal insulation composite systems. The parapet profile reduces the moisture load on the connection joint and ensures that water is drained away in a targeted manner

    For the parapet connection, suitable, impregnated joint sealing tapes must be used to seal between the insulation layer and the moisture-resistant construction material board.  

    Apply the reinforcing compound over the entire width of the fabric strip. Embed the profile flush with the edge of the insulation material under the parapet cladding or the window sill in the still-wet mass. Connect the profiles with the connector if possible. When carrying out surface reinforcement, the glass fibre fabric must be overlapped up to the take-off edge

  • Properties

    • Exact and clean plaster finish 
    • Aligned and plumb edges thanks to the rectangular connector
    • Targeted drainage of water  
    • Grooved bottom for easy paintability
    • Projection 13 mm
    • Transport and storage lying down
  • Technical specifications

    • Hard PVC profile with fibreglass fabric 160 g alkali-resistant and non-slip
    • Fabric flag 12.5 cm 

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information

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