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EJOTĀ® Pro GAP Giga Flex slim


  • Applications

    For an exact, aligned and perpendicular plaster connection on windows and doors where high compensatory movements must be expected

  • Properties

    • Increased, three-dimensional movement absorption
    • Small construction width (7 mm)
    • Can be installed in front of the insulation
    • Ideal for renovations
    • Flexible transition to the tear-off tab
    • The water-bearing level is located at the level of the plaster finish
    • Suitable for insulation thicknesses up to 300 mm and window sizes up to 10 m²
    • Connection permanently impervious to driving rain
    • Exact and clean plaster finish, easy processing
    • Maintenance-free connection joint
    • Integrated transfer tape for attaching the cover film
    • No subsequent cleaning work
    • Profile available in white and anthracite
    • Transport and storage lying down
  • Technical specifications

    • PVC-U (unplasticized) profile with fiberglass mesh 160 g alkali-resistant and non-shifting
    • Mesh flag 12.5 cm
    • Polyethylene foam tape impervious to driving rain 6 x 1 mm and 4 x 3 mm with high adhesive strength, optimal ageing and moisture resistance as well as maximum resistance to UV and ozone radiation
    • Movements are permanently absorbed via the integrated PVC-P (plasticized) loop
    • Self-adhesive transfer tape 12 mm for holding the protective film

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information

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