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Window sill profile plaster 13mm, FBP-P06-13/01


  • Applications

    • To support the creation of a second sealing level and a clean plaster finish under the windowsill. The upper leg, which is welded with a fabric strip, is used for integration into a suitable sealant in the area under the window sill. The required inclination of at least 5 degrees for water drainage is maintained by the profile geometry. A material taper on the upper leg enables flexible on-site adjustments to the inclination.
  • Properties

    • Exact and clean plaster finish
    • Required window sill inclinations can be implemented using flexible profile geometry
    • Aligned and plumb edges thanks to the rectangular connector
    • Targeted drainage of water
    • Hard PVC profile with glass fibre fabric 160 g alkali-resistant and non-slip
    • Two fabric flags, each 12.5 cm wide
    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Transport and storage lying down
    • Sealing material is not included in the scope of delivery - the sealing is carried out on site
  • Technical specifications

    • Apply the reinforcing compound across the width of the fabric strip, below the edge of the insulation material. Embed the profile horizontally and flush into the still fresh reinforcement compound. The sealing under the window sill is done using suitable sealing materials, which must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. When carrying out the surface reinforcement, the glass fibre fabric must be overlapped up to the take-off edge. In addition, a diagonally embedded fabric layer (diagonal reinforcement) is installed in the corners; we recommend using prefabricated EJOT reinforcement arrows.