EJOT® ejotherm® STR tool 2GE


  • Applications

    • Specially developed tool for countersunk installation of ejotherm STR U 2G.
    • Also compatible for use with ejotherm STR H.
  • Properties

    • Adjustable for all anchor lengths.
    • Easy scaling for adjustment to the required anchor length.
    • For reliable and easy installation according to the EJOT STR principle.
    • Robust design for long service life.
    • Worn parts can be changed quickly.
    • Set contains: ejotherm STR tool 2E, additional cutting discs, offset screw driver as well as bits for all applications.

ETICS products are only available from system suppliers. Please email salesuk@ejot.com or call 01977 687040 for further information.

Orderidentifier Article Number Unit
ejotherm® STR-tool 2GE 9229000000


Construction way
countersank and surface fixed installation
ejotherm® STR-tool 2GE