• Applications

    Reveal bead with mesh for creating an exact, aligned and perpendicular plaster finish on windows and doors.

  • Properties

    • Connection impervious to driving rain
    • Exact and clean plaster finish
    • Easy processing
    • Integrated transfer tape for attaching the cover film
    • No subsequent cleaning work
  • Technical specifications

    Hard PVC profile with glass fiber mesh 160 g alkali-resistant and non-shifting. Mesh flag 12.5 cm. Polyethylene foam tape impervious to driving rain 8 x 3 mm with high adhesive strength, optimal aging and moisture resistance as well as maximum resistance to UV and ozone radiation. Movements can only be absorbed depending on the elasticity of the polyethylene sealing tape. Self-adhesive transfer tape 12 mm for holding the protective film.

    Processing guidelines
    The surface must be level, dry and free of dust and grease. Any residues that reduce adhesion must be removed. Carry out an adhesive test!
    Application and substrate temperature +5 to +40 ° C. Cut the reveal bead with mesh to the required length with special scissors for miters or beads. Stick the profile onto the window frame and press it on firmly. Stick the cover film onto the provided transfer tape on the flap. Briefly fold the mesh forwards to apply the reinforcement compound. The mesh is then embedded in the wet reinforcement compound and filled in with a spatula. After completing the work, the protective flap must be bent towards the trigger bar and then pulled off from top to bottom parallel to the profile. Follow the processing guidelines!


    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Transport and storage lying down

This product is currently only available through ETICS providers
Please email customerservice@ejot.co.uk or call 01977 687040 for further information


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