• Applications

    • For fastening elevated solar and photovoltaic installations to
      steel substructures 1.5 - 3 mm
    • Can also be used for steel substructure ≥ 3.0 mm if predrilled
    • For high-strength steel substructures up to S450GD
    • Suitable for metal trapezoidal and corrugated profile sheets and sandwich panels
  • Properties

    • A2 stainless steel with hardened steel drill point
    • In set with sealing washer E16 + ORKAN storm washer


    • Quick retrofitting on existing installations
    • Fastening without pre-drilling (substructure < 3 mm)
    • Extremely safe fastening with direct load transfer into the substructure
    • No additional holes in the roofing membrane
    • Suitable for high-strength steels
    • Consistent installation depth
    • Use of proven sealing systems
    • Durable seal due to solid attachment point
    • Minimum installation and tool requirements
    • Project-related initial sizing possible
  • Technical specifications

    • Screw diameter: 8.0 mm
    • A/F5 hexagon drive
    • Installation rotation speed: max. 1300 1/min

    The solar fastener components are tailored to your project. Further versions upon request