S-5 TrapBracket fastener


  • Applications

    • For attaching the S-5 trapbracket
    • This fastener has been tested independently for use with the Trapbracket
  • Properties

    • A2 Austenitic Stainless Steel fastener with Carbon steel drill point
    • Assembled with integral Nylon Metalic silver head and Aluminium/EPDM vulcanised sealing washer
  • Technical specifications

    • 11mm Bi-Hex Socket
    • Stitching 2 x 0.5mm up to 2 x 1.0mm in thickness

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Thread Diameter
Ø CF Sealing Washer
Property Type (Solar)
Substrate Type (Solar)
Insulated Panel
Roof Type / Profile (Solar)
Kingspan KS1000RW
S-5 Stitcher for trap Bracket
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