• Overview

    • Secure and reliable direct assembly into thermoplastics
    • Light weight design: significant weight savings compared to screws made of steel
    • Reliable clamp load retention under thermal stress
    • No corrosion
    • Non-magnetic
    • Recyclable
    • Coefficient of expansion adapted to plastic


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In this area we provide CAD data in various formats as well as PDFs of the technical drawings of our products DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® and ALtracs® Plus. Additionally, CAD & more offers you the possibility to design your individual joints with the aid of prognosis programs or to check their feasibility by APPLICATION CHECKs. Furthermore, you can download the latest product brochures, technical publications and the EJOT company standards.

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EJOT’s advanced fastening systems are found in countless industrial and engineering assemblies around the world. Click below for sales and technical support from one of our experienced team. We conduct inspections and observations onsite, in addition to providing help and advice direct from our UK manufacturing centre.

Innovative screw material

With lightweight design often the central starting point of cross-business research and development, particularly in the automotive industry, innovative screws have become key to helping manufacturers realise their goals. The EJOT DELTA PT® P encapsulates this, providing the opportunity to slim-down the overall weight of a component without compromise. It provides designers with the opportunity to utilise a screw which is manufactured from thermoplastic PPA GF50 with 50% fibreglass. It offers the same joint reliability as metal screws, but with a much higher potential for weight reduction. In fact, a plastic DELTA PT® P screw with similar dimensions weighs up to 85% less than its counterpart made of steel.

Optimum component design

The layout design for the direct assembly of steel screws into thermoplastic material often shows that unreinforced materials such as PA6, PP, ABS or POM have considerably lower strength properties than the fastener itself. In order to match the material strength properties the fastener material should be adapted to the mating material. For this reason plastic is the favoured fastener material - as in the DELTA PT® P.

DELTA PT® P Head Styles and Drives

  • WN5451 round washer head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT
  • WN5454 flat countersunk head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT


Other head styles upon request

Supports lightweight design strategies

EJOT has been at the forefront of developing new fastening technologies to reduce the weight of finished products for decades. But with the urgent need to adapt designs, particularly in automotive, to cut CO2 emissions and combat the effects of climate change, lightweight construction is going to be more important than ever. EJOT’s fastening technology experts have actively supported this evolution by looking at the material selection of the proven DELTA PT® screw, which is widely used for high load capacity direct fastening into plastic materials. The result was the DELTA PT® P - a high performing screw made of plastic that offers designers enormous weight saving potential in all kinds of assemblies.