EJOT APPLITEC: Technology and support for industrial engineering design

APPLITEC is derived from two words: APPLIcation TEChnology. Beyond the brand, APPLITEC is at the heart of our solutions and manufacturing ethos worldwide, with a network of sister laboratories that support our operations in all sectors.

That makes for a global team of qualified technicians providing a collaboration of knowledge, experience and innovative thinking. Here in the UK, our APPLITEC centre provides a modern, hi-tech showcase and a highly successful platform to share with engineers working within all areas of assembly design.

Industrial technology around the world

Each year, thousands of assembly solutions for globally recognised products are tested by EJOT APPLITEC. This work provides valuable data on strengths and fastener capability for a multitude of sectors; automotive, pharmaceuticals, white goods, security and defence, to name a few.
The UK facility allows clients to see first-hand, fastening technology tested in a real-time environment. Our equipment supports APPLITEC’s ‘human’ think-tank whose task it is to demonstrate understanding of the physical and environmental performance of connections.


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